Look here for answers to common savings bond questions. If you would prefer to discuss your specific situation consultations are available via phone or email by appointment.

Which Bonds are No Longer Earning Interest?

All Series E Bonds

All Series H Bonds

All Freedom Shares also known as Savings Notes

All EE bonds that are more than 30 years old

All HH bonds that are more than 20 years old

What is the value of savings bonds that have stopped earning interest?

$15.846 billion as of January 2012

Purchasing Bonds

Q. Now that paper savings bonds can no longer be purchased, what is the annual limit that I can buy of I bonds?

A. Using TreasuryDirect you can purchase up to $10,000 of I bonds annually (as of 1/4/2012)

Q. How many names can I put on a bond?

A. Bonds can be issued with one or two names. If the bond is in one name then the person named is considered the sole owner of the bond.  If the bond has two names then you have two options: you can list the persons as co-owners (with the word “or” appearing between the two names) or you can list the second named person as the beneficiary and the letters POD (meaning “Pay on Death”) will appear before the second persons name.

Q. When does my bond start earning interest?

A. In the top right hand corner of each bond is an Issue Date consisting of the month and year the bond was purchased. The bond began earning interest the first day of the month listed.

Educational Feature

Q. Can bonds purchased in the 1980’s be used tax free for education?

A.  No.  Only bonds purchased January 1, 1990 and after are eligible. However there are several other conditions that must be met.  Check out this helpful FAQ on the educational feature of savings bonds from the government.

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