Some of the simplest strategies can yield big results, but you may not know what they are without help. 

A bond owner recently called for a consultation about his savings bond portfolio. He wanted to redeem approximately $20,000 per year for the next five years. After receiving an evaluation on his specific bonds, he learned of a strategy, netting $6,000 more over the next five years than if he had simply cashed his oldest bonds first. Many people know saving bonds as a long-term, conservative investment strategy, but few know how to use them to fully enhance their investment portfolio.  Are you wondering what to do about a particular issue with your savings bonds? Do you know the consequences of a savings bond decision you are about to make? What are your options regarding tax issues, re-titling, redemption strategies, proper forms to use, and timelines for action, etc.

To answer these questions and others, you need a friendly, open conversation with a knowledgeable, well-respected expert in savings bonds. Nationally recognized savings bond expert, Daniel Pederson, a former supervisor at the Federal Reserve Bank-Detroit and president of The Savings Bond Informer, Inc., has helped thousands of bond owners with one-to-one phone consultations. Email to set up an appointment. $90 per 15 minutes. Available in December and January only.



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