Some of the simplest strategies can yield big results, but you may not know what they are without help.  A bond owner recently called for a consultation about his savings bond portfolio. He wanted to redeem approximately $20,000 per year for the next five years. After receiving an evaluation on his specific bonds, he learned of a strategy, netting $6,000 more over the next five years than if he had simply cashed his oldest bonds first. Many people know saving bonds as a long-term, conservative investment strategy, but few know how to use them to fully enhance their investment portfolio.  Are you wondering what to do about a particular issue with your savings bonds? Do you know the consequences of a savings bond decision you are about to make? What are your options regarding tax issues, re-titling, redemption strategies, proper forms to use, and timelines for action, etc. To answer these questions and others, you need a friendly, open conversation with a knowledgeable, well-respected expert in savings bonds. Nationally recognized savings bond expert, Daniel Pederson, a former supervisor at the Federal Reserve Bank-Detroit and president of The Savings Bond Informer, Inc., has helped thousands of bond owners with one-to-one phone consultations. Email or call 1-800-927-1901 to set up an appointment. $60 per 15 minutes, or $45, if you have ordered a savings bond statement. People Without the Right Information

  • A bond owner presented several hundred bonds to be redeemed all at the same time. He knew very little about his bonds.  When a bank teller told him it didn’t matter when he cashed them in, he took that advice. Unfortunately, the investor missed out on $3,000 because he lacked a redemption plan to cash specific bonds each month over the following six-month period.
  • A broker who had never used our services called to inquire about why his client received a 1099-int for $90,000 upon cashing his savings bonds. He had advised the bond owner to redeem his entire holdings without informing the client interest income would be reported to the IRS in the year the client redeemed the bonds.

People With the Right Information

  • A man from the east coast wanted to cash bonds in December, but needed help with the tax implications. By cashing half in December and half in January, he spread his tax obligations over two years instead of lumping it all into one. Cashing all his bonds the same year would have moved him to a higher tax bracket. He saved several thousand dollars in taxes.
  • A woman and her sister were sole heirs of an estate and needed help with retitling the savings bonds which included themselves and their children. Each required different retitling strategies to achieve their goals.
  • A woman inherited bonds from her deceased mother. She received counsel on how to recover lost bonds and an explanation of why some bonds are not found in the government research process. By using the advice she received during her phone consultation from The Savings Bond Informer, Inc., she was able to recover bonds worth an extra $5,500 she hadn’t known existed.

Few people know all about U.S. Savings Bonds. Few. Many think they know all about savings bonds, including people you’d expect to be knowledgeable, but aren’t. Nevertheless, they do not hesitate to lavish their opinions on anyone who will listen. Many. The key to knowing the difference is finding those who have had success — getting good information and using it to your advantage. You can get help through a phone call, plus a detailed analysis through a savings bond statement. A savings bond statement puts the details in writing for you.


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