You undoubtably have heard the government pitch about the latest savings bond changes. Daniel Pederson approaches each change and event in the savings bond program with the question “How does this affect savings bond owners?” A fresh perspective without a government bias.

Daniel Pederson has provided comments to the national media on savings bond stories for more than twenty years.  He has contributed his expertise to major news outlets including:  CNN, CNBC, CBS, PBS, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angelos Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, AARP, Financial Planning News, and hundreds of local newspapers and radio shows.

Dan has conducted seminars for thousands of savings bond owners.  His knowledge of savings bond issues, the history of the bond program, the intricacies of older bonds and the ability to translate this into consumer friendly conversation is unmatched.  To schedule an interview please email  Please indicate your publication, your deadline, and a direct number to reach you.  If this request is other than December or January, we are unlikely  to be able to accommodate your deadline.


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