New Times, New Services

As we all move down the highway of life, changes are part of each new turn. I have entered a semi-retired stage which means I work almost as much as before, but I get to do more of what I want.

For my savings bond information business I still offer two essential services:

  1. Customized savings bond statements – Offered each December for year end analysis and summary. See “Forms” for Update Order Form and Price List.
  2. Savings bond consultations – Offered in December and January. See Order Form for pricing.

For my spare time… I spend time with about two million bees. They help pollinate our crops, and they share some of their honey with me. It is a blast.

I also have three beautiful granddaughters, all under five, that love to listen to me rattle on about nothing, what fun!

To the more than 40,000 savings bond owners that we have served over the years… thank you for letting us provide you with the information you needed. It has been a pleasure to serve you.

There are two ways to reach me:

or Dan Pederson PO Box 1721 Monroe, MI 48161

Please note that if it is not December or January, I am not checking my email or PO Box every day so it may take a few days to get back to you.


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